Barclay | Polyester Enclosure
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Polyester Enclosure

Polyester Enclosure


The BPG range comprise of 16 sizes of enclosures manufactured in Glass Reinforced Polyester.
Highly resistant to contamination from oils, fats, aliphatic and aromatic carbohydrates, bacteria and enzymes.
It is also suitable for LSOH (low smoke zero halogen) applications. – Wide Operating Temperature (-70°C to +130°C).
Certification for use in Zone 1 and Zone 2.



Box and cover manufactured in Glass Reinforced Polyestor according  to DIN 16913 with graphito.


By means of a silicon gasket embedded in the cover.


By means of stainless steel captive slotted cap screws whether M-4 or M-6 depending on the needs

Box Fixing

By means of M-4 OR M-6 screws at the bottom of the box.


The number of holes that can be made is indicated in the General Characteristics of each box . The entries are threaded according to DIN 40430 for Pg thread and ISO 261 for metric thread.

Temperature Glass

T6. Using standardized terminals and under normal operating conditions the limit temperature of 85°C is not reached either inside or on the enclosure surface.

Mounting Plate

Boxes can be supplied with either an insulating mounting plate or a 2mm thick galvanised sheet iron.

Ground Connection

Nuts with ground series 215 will be used to ensure the earth continuity.

Earth Bar

Manufactured in 10x5mm brass provided with clamps with locking lug. Bars are fastened on the bottom of the enclosure whether directly on the brass inserts or on pillars fitted on them.

Ground Connection Bolt

It can be supplied in either M-6 or M-10, in brass or in stainless steel.

Fastening Lugs

Supplied in sets of 4 units together with fixing bolts.